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My Celebrity Look-alikes [Feb. 27th, 2007|04:01 pm]
My cool celebrity look-alike collage from MyHeritage.com. Get one for yourself.

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99.9% Friends Only [Aug. 15th, 2005|06:47 pm]


99.9% Friends Only

Comment to be added

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A Fucked up Weekend Party [Aug. 15th, 2005|09:52 am]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

What a Fucked Party we had on the weekend.

We all had BBQ at Jessie's place for her belated Birthday. It started out good, having such fun time.Chatting and catching up with everybody. Ryan taught us the game "circle of death" And everybody was totally wasted during those game, and Ashley end up have to drink whole jug of mixed booze. Some people have left after that game, and only left was Ashley, Ryan, Jessie, Matt K, Michelle, Craig, Craig W, Collin and myself. Ryan had bought "everclear" 95% acholoc. Surely one sip of that, everybody is already done and wasted. I am still saying it is one awesome, fucked party. Sure again, would do it! We got invitation to Matt K's BBQ Party this friday, I would have to see if I can make it, or not. Because Still have to finish off my tree projects.  The Party ended at 6am, and everybody totally still fucked, Ryan took my bed spot, and I had to sleep on cement floor in the basement. Some of us got up at 10, 12, and even Ryan got up at 2pm. Everybody had hangover, and wasn't feeling well. We kept repeating what we did last night, if anybody remember some parts we have done. Fool sex was the most part we all remembered, and totally fucked up. Ashley got hit in the nose, thumb, finger, etc. We keep pushing everybody around, all fell to the grass, can not barely walk straight. We all laughed all night and morning. Matt K and Collin left at 1ish since Matt had to work that afternoon, and He didn't want to work. HaHa Who would want to work since we are still having hangovers. We stayed until around 6ish and left to go back to Ashley's place.

Once I got home, I had a bath, then went straight to bed. Slept till 9 this morning. Surely it shows I am tired, and sore from sleeping on the floor. Blame on Ryan!  Ahh, Everybody, dont care where they sleep, as long they get some sleep.

I am sure, Either Ryan, or Ashley will explain better. Whole details of that Party went. I am just too tired to type whole.

I will post up some pictures from the party as soon Jessie send me the pictures from her camera since mine went dead on me.


Ryan: Update your road trips, and the party!

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survey [Aug. 10th, 2005|10:03 am]
[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

I stole this from silentcharon . It sound fun to do those, so I have decided to do it too! I hope you guys can do it also!

My answersCollapse )

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Camping [Aug. 8th, 2005|08:47 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

About time I have few moment to type up my update. I have been out of town for past 3 weekends, camping in Banff, Chain Lake, Long Lake recently weekend. Of course my trips is not just relaxing getaway from the city, it was for my summer project which I had to collect 15 trees. Yes I am almost done, only with 2 left to find then take a picture. Once I find those 2 left, I will call it end but it wont be end until I finish up a memo, table of contest, and references. I am hopping to finish by next weekend. During those weeks where I haven't update, I went to Heritage Park with a friend to watch RCMP musical ride, and some trick riders. It was very hot evening, and alot of people were there. We hardly find a spot to stand, but lucky enough found one and took few pictures. After that we went for a walk, and sit by the lake watching the sunset, and pretty much talking, and laughing. I havent done that for awhile, and it was wonderful to have it back once again. I saw Ashley, Caiden, Jessie, and her daughter (I forgot her name again) before I went to Chain Lake on the weekend. They were hosting a BBQ party and I couldn't make it. If  I had started earlier on my project I wouldnt have to go out of town. However, Caiden is doing great, and is getting bigger by the week. He is now weight 15 lbs.

After talking with Ashley earlier before I came over, it made me want to start a family of my own. I am sure right now, where I feel I want to have a baby. I am sure by the time I graduate and have a job, maybe it will grow less to not have a family as want to travel more before having a family. It was just strange because Last night I had that talk with Richard about, alot of things. Girls, life, School, Marriage, and travel. Simply for me, I hope I will be married and have a family by the time I am 30. I remember when I was little girl, my girlfriends and I would talk about future, saying by 25 will be married and have family by 30. As I look at myself right now, I will be 23 in December, and I m graduating in 2006 of December which means I am going be 24. Doubt enough I will be married by 25, plus depending if I find Mr. Right. Just simple saying , I hope I have everything by the age of 30. Most of all, just follow ur dreams, careers, then down the road still have pently of time to have a family. I think, personally my opinion, everybody should be able to reach their dreams, because I know some people do regert in the end to have a family and never be able to completely their dreams when they were young. I am sure everybody else have their own opinion, and may disagree with me.

I had great time talking to Richard, and hopefully this week I will be able to see Ashley, Mike, and few others. I havent had the time to visit since I camped. I am sure, this weekend or the next I will be going camping to fiinish up the project. Only 2 trees need to be found, which will be Cottonwood, and Red Cedar.

I hope everybody is enjoying themselves, as only 3 weeks left until going back to School. That is something I am looking forward, just not the moving into apt, part.

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Scholarships [Jul. 24th, 2005|08:20 pm]
[Current Mood |energeticenergetic]

YAY! I got 2 scholarships covering for my 2nd year in school. The first one is the same one I got last year from Edmonton Metis Awards. And another one from Metis in Calgary which will be only covering for my living expesnes while the Edmonton one is for my tutions, books, supplies and other fees. YAY I feel so happy. And less worry because I don't have to worry about not having enough money to cover for this year. I am still waiting to hear about other scholarship I applied in Toronto. They are the one who gave me scholarships 2 years ago and last year. Hopefully they would do again for this year, and I might use it toward new techology I heard. It has a computer with voice programing, plus note takers as well. Just pretty much the teacher will lecture through a microphones, and it will just auto typing the notes onto the computer. Of course it will be on a laptop. I just found out from the guy at Metis who gave me approval for funding. He has exactly same computer techology. I might just find out how much it cost, and see if that scholarship can cover it for me since I have 2 that are covering for my education. It just benfits for me because If I have a board meeting or job interview I can use that program because it will speak for me whenever I have something to say or a question than reply on interpeters for any situtions like that.

Just pray I will get another scholarship then I would have to ask for their approval on that idea. If they don't like that, then I just would have to give the money back to them so the other student can use that money. I am not just the person who just put the money in my pocket. There are many students who need funding for school.

I am LUCKY again this year and last year when 2 scholarships covered! 2 years of not paying for anything!
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Rest in peace Pooky [Jul. 24th, 2005|06:51 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

I left Friday afternoon out to Banff for camping as I had some assignments that I need to do, and that was the only start place I could start. As some of you read my previous post that one of my summer project where I have to take pictures of 15 different trees both Conifer and Deidieous forests. I managed to find 4 trees, because as some areas have different trees and mostly are the same as I found. I am planning going back down to Lethbridge sometime in August before I move down there. There is a lake that I always go there for field trips and I remember most of the trees which can be found in that area. I think there are about 4 in that area. so meaning if including that 4, & the 4 I found today, that will be 8 and only have to look for another 7 more and I don't know where else to look for. With some luck, hopefully I can find most of the trees. By the end of August to get it over with it. I should have started sooner only if I didn't put off too long. However back to my weekend, Mom and I got to banff around 530pm and camped at Johnson Canyon campground. It was a wonderful place, and on the way we saw 2 male elk. Thank goodness I had a pop-up tent, they do come in handy. It only set up in less than 10 seconds and had the tarp over as soon it began to rain. Yes It rained most of the night on Friday, and some on saturday morning. We went into Banff since we figured it will be raining all day and couldn't get any pictures of the trees. But due to a nice change in the weather I managed to find & take pictures of the 4 trees. The weather held longer than we thought when we got back to the campground. It was wonderful being away from the city, and we talked about that we should do it more often from now on until I go back to school in September.  This weekend we will be going to Chain Lake Provincal Park to see what other trees can be found, if not , we might go down to the lake I talked above. Otherwise I want to get it done earlier, before the Field trip.

I got home today and found my lobster, Pooky passed away. I would say she died over the weekend, and I thought she was going to molt, and I guess she just pretty much gave in. She lived for over a year and I am proud to have her and watched how much she grow from such a little baby size one inch long and she is now 4.5 inches long. Kipper will miss her as when she first moved in with Pooky and always thought Pooky as her mom. At least now Pooky is with all her other brothers and sisters including Tiny. (I spoke with Karli who gave me Pooky last year, that she only have 3 left out of 50 before) I haven't decided if I am going to still get 90 gallon tank, or just drop to 75  gallons or just stay with what we have. The other part I still havent decided if I want to take Kipper back with me to Lethbridge for another year, or just enjoy the new tank if we are going to buy for both Kipper and Bluebelle (mom's). Or maybe I will buy another lobster to keep Kipper company, Yes the same kind. If I do, hopefully it will be a male this time because I would love to breed them and have much  more babies.

Summer Project really Sucks, but it refresh my memories before school starts. That reminds me, it starts on September 6. Tell me what you are planning for August as it is the last month before heading back to school.

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Busy & sore [Jul. 11th, 2005|10:11 pm]
[Current Mood |uncomfortableuncomfortable]

I couldn't believe how fast time has gone by. Last week I got my courses in the mail, and started doing my 2 summer projects which I should have started in May. I had alot things to sort out before moving back to Lethbridge in just a month and half. The courses I am taking, is not the one I wanted to do this Fall, so I had to talk with the program leader and the registation office to sort out and add/drop courses. it is full of crap at the moment, because Calgary dont have the paper I need for my project and had to call the college to send me, 100 paper and 100 labels. I couldn't believe how fast I have to do, and get it done before I lose marks for poor quality of plants. Yes I have to collect 50 plants for one project, which is due in Winter Semester. I have to get them all before they died out on me at end of the summer. My other project is trees, which I have to take pictures of trees and put into a paper, with ID characteristic, habitats, etc. It is due this fall, as well I have to get it done. They are worth 10 % of my grades, and for the Plants is 15% of my grade as well. The Plant assignment is alot more stricts of all the projects I have done through my first year. They all are pain in the ass at the moment, and I wished I could have done it earlier. Because not very many grasses can be found in the City. One weekend I would have to go down to Lethbridge to find all the Grasses I need. I am almost finished with Wildflower & Forbs and some Shurbs. Mostly my concerns are the Grasses, about 20 of them need to be done. Pressed and Seal on a paper with clear plastic cover over it, (Mac-seel). I am glad my mom, got some of the grasses in Saskatchewan, last week, after the Wedding we went to in Regina.

I came back home on Sunday afternoon, after 10 hrs trip on the bus. Pain in the butt, and bus-sick now. I vowed never again go on Greyhound bus for that long. I even threw up on the way. eww. And Now I am sick with flu, cough, sore throat. It is pissing me off because I am working this week, and it required alot of work and couldn't afford to get off work sick. Today was first day to work, and at the end I hurted myself. Yes My right hand is killing me at the moment, because I am typing this LJ. I had to hold most of the heavy files while my left hand was holding other files from falling down. So pretty much, it had alot weight just with one files after another files. Tomorrow I am going to take it easy with my hand, and hopefully will heal by the time. If it doesnt, I will stop by walk-in clinic tomorrow to see about it, and the Flu I have been having last week, and still does.

Thank god I am working early tomorrow, & all week at 7-330pm. It is always nice to get off early and do errands in the afteroon & evenings. I got so much to do, bank, drop films, pick up pictures of the Wedding, Stampede on Saturday & Sunday. Mom and I got tickets to Rodeo on Sat, and Chuckwagon & Grandstand on Sunday. It will be nice to go and watch. I went on Friday with Mike, Dayn, Matt K and to our surprise, Tyler Owen came too. It was a short visit with him, and went on our way around the stampede ground. We didn't leave until little after 1am, and went all the way to Sunridge to pick up Matt K car, then drove down to Mike's place to spend the night there. We didn't get to bed till 3am.

Looks like I have alot things to do, and need to stop here for now since it is almost 10:30pm and I need my sleep and painkiller for the pain. I might post a picture of my cousin's wedding. Good night people.
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Out of Town once again.. [Jun. 30th, 2005|02:42 pm]
[Current Mood |busybusy]

In few hours I am heading out of town again. I am heading out to Regina tonight, and in time for the wedding on saturday. My cousin is getting married, I am pretty sure I will be bored hell out of my mind during the reception. As most of you know, my family doesnt even know signs, only my mom. So pretty much, I am going be bored, unless Raegan will keep me company. It would be nice to see all the family, but not my favorite thing to do.

Mom is going to stay there longer, for a week. She won't be back next Saturday night, and I will be back on Sunday or Monday. We are catching the Greyhoud bus, since it is cheaper than paying air fare prices.

Last night, I recieved a terrible news, one of my aunt, her father was killed in truck accident. As he was on his way home, and was about one mile away. There was a yield sign, up ahead, the big grain truck didn't stop and just went through the yeild sign, and hit him. He was killed right away. His Son was behind him, driving old combine. Now it is likely the funeral will be either saturday or monday. My aunt & uncle and 2 cousins will be able or unable to attend the wedding. I guess we will find out tomorrow when the funeral is. I am not going go to the funeral. My mom might, that is all depends if it is on monday. Seems there alot of people that I know, their parents got killed. I mean, my other aunt's mom was killed not too long ago, in March. And now this recently, He was killed Tuesday night. They were down for my cousin's graduation like 3 weeks ago. I hate funerals so much.

I still have some errands to do, before I head out tonight. I am gonna list them before I forget as I am going to check LJ once again before I leave.
- get fillings for my nails
- get gas in car
- go out to the garden
- pack
- camera & tripod (2 professional camera & digital & normal camera) yep 4..
- dress
- shoes
- laptop (maybe)
- wedding gifts
- snack
- buy cards for sorry & wedding & new baby

That another thing I gotta tell, Yep my cousin gave birth to a baby girl on June 13. Named Karly or Karli Joseph ... I forgot her last name. She was only 2 days overdue, pretty a healthy baby girl. I don't know if they are coming to the wedding since her sister (my other cousin) is getting married on the 30th of July too. Mom and I decided to not go to that wedding. Just that family is full of bitches and snobs. I know the aunt is my mom's oldest sister.

I better stop here as mom is getting home soon and have to go out to do errands a bit.

I might post another LJ before I leave tonight at 10pm.
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(no subject) [Jun. 28th, 2005|09:56 pm]
[Current Mood |pissed offpissed off]

I have decided I will never post any more pictures on my LJ because everybody keep taking my pictures without even asking me if it was okay take them. Also in the end they never give me credit for my work. I have noticed alot lately, and am getting fed up with it. So for all of you people who have took my pictures off my LJ, next time credit me, and ask me first before taking it. They all are my work, and no one deserves to steal them.

Its totally unfair that people take things and don't credit for my work. I have learned my lesson and plan to not post anymore. Even it is a party, events, and sort other things. I am so tired of seeing them keep taking it and brag it was them who took the pictures. What kind of people are they. I am going to talk with a friend of mine at Photo, see if I can put copyright on the pictures and a link that prevent people to take it off the site.

I am tired of all this craps. Sorry people that I will not be posting anymore pictures from now on. Until any of them start to pay respect.

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(no subject) [Jun. 27th, 2005|04:11 pm]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]

I forgot to add in my other previous post. Can you all children email me with your cell/pager phone number? Since you all know I have lost and got a new phone. You can email at Sunlightgirl055@hotmail.com that way I can add you all back to the phone book in my new hip cell.

Love you all! As soon I get your number I will text you with my new number. :)

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quizzes [Jun. 27th, 2005|09:45 am]
[Current Mood |boredbored]

I have decided to take some quizzes to kill some time. Enjoy checking out, or ignore it.

QuizzesCollapse )
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(no subject) [Jun. 26th, 2005|07:27 pm]
[Current Mood |goodgood]

I have decided to post all the pictures I have promised I would post when I got back from LA. The first will be pride ball dance I went with Mike the weekend before heading off to LA. We had alot of fun, and met 3 deaf guys, Mike, Rytch, and Clark. I don't have a picture of Mike, but instead I have Rytch and Clark. Rytch is the guy in the blonde hair, and Clark in other with goatee. We learned new cool signs from them, and will hang out with them once again. I would have to find Rytch email from Mike, because I have to send him pictures of the guys in white shorts. We didn't leave until 2am, that morning, and only costed us 10 dollars for the cab home. I woke up the next morning and decided to do errands with my mom, and to spruce meadow. It was not a bad day, only until it decided to rain the entire day.

Pride Ball DanceCollapse )

Here is my california trip pictures, I had great time with Mike and his family. They are awesome, in some way. Especially not his grandma, because she does drives me nuts. She always had her hand covered her eyes every time we get in the van. I don't really like the freeway at all, except some people think it is cool on the freeway. Forget it, do not count me in. My motto every time I hit the freeway is "Just get me there alive" to whatever we were going. Disneyland was awesome, I would recommend everyone to go there, it is only once a life time experience for 50th anniversary. Mike and I think we will be still here for the 100th anniversary, of course we will be that old, I don't care if I am in a wheelchair, or using a cane. I will be there for 100th. Again, we talked about being there for 75th, and 100th. Hopefully our children, and grandchilden will be there for 150th. That would be awesome experiences for everyone. As in my previous post, I lost my cell phone on Indiana Jones, It didn't turn out the way we want, Tray (the baby dad) was unable to go on the plane with us on Monday due to his crimial record, actually he have a court date on the 27th. The Custom won't even let him go on, so he decided to head home, then catched the greyhound bus to Vancouver, then Tuesday was in Seattle, then Arrived in LA on Wednesday around 4pm. He really missed his daughter, Brooke, and couldn't bear to be without her any longer, even tho he missed her first time in Disneyland on Tuesday we went to. Thank god Mike's mom videotaped Brooke on her very first ride is the Jungle Curise. Wednesday I took some few pictures of Hollywood, Even tho I do not post it all on here. I only choose few to post and keep it short. Thursday went to Disneyland again, with Tray there to see all the rides Brooke gone on. Especially the small world which I don't really like at all. Even it is a nice long ride, but eh babies. Friday, went to different Condo, away from Anahiem and settled down between Carlsbad and Vience Beach. I have forgot the name we stayed at. It has a nice resort, spa, and the beach is right across from it. Wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean. I would love to go back there again and do this all over again. Saturday Mike and I decided to become sun goddess, and enjoying the sun. Actually we were trying to get tan, but only got few. Mike got some tan on his arms and neck, but haven't done much on our stomach and back. In the afternoon, we went to the Habour, to look around and shop. We bought few things, not much but it was awesome place to shop. We could have went to "dolphin watching" but figured it would cost more $$ that we didn't bring much with us. Sunday, we went to San Diego Zoo, and spend entire day there. It was hot, little cool along the way. We saw alot of different animals that Calgary Zoo don't have. Especially the Panda of course, was the most amazing time I went. I even watched her playing in the water with a toy ball, and climbing onto the treehouse (sorta), then at the end, she runs behind a buch of bamboo. It was so cute watching her, only got so little time to watch because there was alot of people want to see it. At least I got a good picture, but didn't want to post on here because Mike might steal them off here. Monday, we decided to go back to Disneyland for one more time, and actually get to stay there late. We got to watch the pradae and other events that night. We didn't get home until after midnight. Sadly we will miss it, but like I said, might go back for 75th, or 100th. Tuesday, we went the pool again for more tan, before leaving for home. That night we went to Carlsbad outlets stores and bought 2 shirts from the Gap, and Mike end up buying 4 or 5 jockeys because he wants some for Sexy Short night at Twisted. We ate at Fridays as Mike's grandma is paying for. Wednesday we left the Condo and checked into a hotel near Lax airport since if we didnt leave it will be 3 hours drive with traffics going on. Much easier to go to another hotel, and only have to drive 10 mins.  We went to the Mall in Anahiem, then went to Universal Studios CityWalk. It was my first time for the Citywalk, and awesome dinner at Tony's Roma. Yummy. I can not wait to use all my Victoria Secrets I have bought at the mall. It has all vanilla scents for body lotion, cream, spray, etc. Now all the Guys will fall for me, and my Victoria Secrets. We got home on Thursday around 330pm, it was a very quiet flight, and enjoyable. I would def go back, next year or something. I am thinking of going to Hawaii in 2007 or Florida. Depending on what the plan, and money I will  be able to save for. Enjoy the pictures of  LA.

California TripCollapse )

I have decided to post the new me, the pictures I took not too long ago. with all my hairstyle, make up, clothes, jewerlys. I am really loving it, I have decided to treat myself beautiful, even in some other people's eyes think I am not. Thank for Mike who say I do  look good, even in my new make up he liked, and others too.  I heart me!

New MECollapse )

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I am BACK!! [Jun. 23rd, 2005|10:36 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

I am back!!

Finally, I have survived flights to LA, earthquakes for the 4th time, freeways, and the flight back to Calgary! My 2nd day start off a bad day but end up having a good time. I lost my cell phone/pager during Indiana Jones Ride. Yes I did, it was only 12pm when I lost it. I was unable to contact anyone from the outsiders. Tuesday was Disneyland when I losted my phone, Wednesday was Hollywood, walk of frame. Thursday, back to Disneyland. Friday was to the new Condo near some beach, between Venice Beach and Carlsbad. Saturday, Mike and I spend all day at the Condo, being sun godness, and enjoying it. While all the guys went to San Diego to shop. Sunday, Mike and I went to San Deigo Zoo, while others went to Sea World. I enjoyed the Zoo, alot more than Hollywood of Frame, and Citywalk at Universal Studio. We got to see all the animals, and especially the Panda I loved.

Monday, we went back to Disneyland, and watched the fireworks, had dinner at Rainforest Cafe. Tuesday we went to Carlsbad, to do our last shopping at the outlets stores. I bought some shirts from the Gap, while mike end up buying alot of jockeys. Wednesday, we packed and moved to a hotel near LAX airport in LA. Then end up going to the Mall, then Citywalk in Universal Studio. I end up buying 2 games for my gamecubes, and some victoria secrets things. Today we got up and left at 9am to the airport, and enjoyed the flight back to Calgary. I am home and safe.

I went to Chinook and checked out cell phone. I have decided on a phone which I loved and will have pink cover with my white cell. I will post picture along with it. I know my post is very short, as I am getting tired at the moment. I will post more details about my holidays, and pictures along too. :)



Good night people, until I post another.

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LA, Here I COME! [Jun. 13th, 2005|07:31 am]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

Farewell Children, I am off to Los Angeles. Tomorrow am hitting Disneyland, and so much more to come. I hope you all behave while I am gone. I will post all the pictures from the Ball Dance and LA.

My Flight leaves at 11am, of course we would have to be there earlier, at 845am to meet the gang. Post alot of Journals, so I can catch up with you guys, and what you have been doing. I will see if there is any Internet at the Hotel for the first 4 days, that way I can post an Hello from Anahiem.

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I LOVE ME! [Jun. 8th, 2005|11:16 pm]
[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic]

I love the new  ME! Yes I had completely makeover today. Mike was with me most of the day. I got my nails done, make up done, and soon to be hair style done!

Today I started off picking up Mike for the day, we went to walmart, to check up new make up I need. Turn out it wasn't what I liked, or wanted to try on. Then stopped by at Esso to see Mike's mom, up until I got message from mom, that she wanted to go home since she wasn't feeling good. I went and picked her up, went to the doctor appointment. I am pissed off at someone, but I am not going to name it on here. However, after my appointment, I dropped mom off at home, and went to pick up Mike again. We went to do my nail done, then decided to go to Prites (gay store, I am not sure the name sorry, Mike would know) to get tickets for the Ball Dance on Saturday. We thought it would be fun going there and party it up before going to LA on Monday. We haven't been to a Ball dance before in our lives, and it would be interesting going there. I will def bringing my digital camera and post it up here sometime. After picking up the tickets, we went to Chinook, and pretty much did some shopping.We figured it will be the last time we need to shop before LA. I am sure Mike still have some things to do. I have so much things to do before LA. I even got a new make up and fell in love with it. I had it done at the BAY store, from MAC products. Mike even loved it and almost turned into straight guy. I bought some supplies, even tho at the first price it came up to 485.93 dollars for such few products. I had to delete some of the things wasnt too necessary. Still it came to 300.00. Mike was sweet enough to split the cost with me, even he knows I will pay him back. I am going to buy him something in LA cause I know he loves to Shop there!  I got a new shirt, that pretty much show off my cleveages for Saturday since I don't have anything nice to wear to the Ball. I am thankful for Mike because he has the taste in fashion style, and some Make up style. Thank god for his sisters too! Mike's sister will be doing my hair for Saturday, I can not wait! only 2 days till Sat and 4 days till LA!

It is killing me so much to show you guys my new make up, Pretty much the NEW me. I would have to wait until after LA to post it up, or the Ball dance on Saturday, that only if I will do it on Sunday before I leave.

God I heart my new makeup!


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Survey [Jun. 5th, 2005|08:56 pm]
[Current Mood |exhaustedexhausted]

SurveyCollapse )

American Cities That Best Fit You:

65% Honolulu
65% Seattle
60% Denver
60% Portland
55% Austin
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Finally a Job! [Jun. 4th, 2005|08:30 am]
[Current Mood |busybusy]

Finally, I have a job. Lucky I went through my mom's work, Shell Canada and found someone who is looking for people to work. Even I promise them that I will give them my long hours and hard work. I will be working with Irrigation System. Sound interesting, and should be fun because I will get wet while working. At least it will cool everybody off during hot day and long hours. I will be working up to 10 hours everyday for 7 days/week even I am not sure if they get days off. They know I am going to LA for 2 weeks, and they were fine with it. YAY. I was supposed to start on Wednesday but due to the weather, and I am starting next week :) Yay! More money for LA. Yesterday I went to the bank and got most of my money in US Travel Check, and some US cash. I don't feel comfortable to carry alot of Cash, so use travel check in case because more secuirity.

I am still excited, only 8 more days left till I am on my way! I would have to cancel my doctor appointment on the 9th, and try see if I can get off work early on the 10th for Stagewest, also cancel on the 11th to not see Deb and James, and the 12th as well. Or at least hope I get the 12th off because I would need it to pack for the 13th.

I think I am more excited that I finally got a job, and will be making more money for the summer. I am hopping I will be saving at least 3,000 for school. I just spent 400 on another camera, same model for my SLR camera. I figured I should buy another one, in case the first one is broken or use it with color flim and the other have black and white film. Also the model is not making anymore. I figured better buy whatever is left and hope for the best it will work for a long time. I had my first SLR Camera for about 8 years. It is professional camera I use. Only thing left I need to buy is the Flash and cable, some flitter to go along.

I am off to do errands. Have fun Children
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Busy Month coming up [May. 30th, 2005|10:22 pm]
[Current Mood |calmcalm]

I have noticed myself that I am going be very busy in June. I have alot errands to do before I leave for LA. Yay, I am still excited to go! Today, my mom spoke to Mike's mom and told me that first 4 days will be staying in a hotel, then the rest will be on a condo, right on the BEACH! That I am looking forward as well, be able to just walk right there and lay become a sun goddess. We are going 3 days park hopper, San Deigo Zoo, Wax Museum, Malls, and some other things. We are not going to Universal Studio because we all have been there before and it is not much there. Mike's family are going to San Diego Sea World, while we go to the zoo instead. I haven't been to the zoo, so it will be nice to go there and see all the animals.

Only 13 more days left. I am hopping to spend some time for Matt's Birthday. I am not sure if it is a good idea because lately we have been fighting. Pretty much over stupid things, which I don't think is worth to fight for. Hopefully things has cooled down and, maybe grab few hours to celebrate his birthday. Even his birthday is on the 12th, one day before I go to LA. I am leaving on the 13th, at 11am. I have other errands to do before that. I have Stagewest to go with my mom on the 10th, then visit Deb & James on the 11th, then finally Spurce Meadow with my mom & Shell companies on the 12th as well. After Spruce Meadow, Hopefully to see Matt. That if it will happen.

Today, I finally dropped all the paperwork to get a passport, but sadly it will not be ready in time before I leave. Thank god, they said birth certificate will be good enough for now. It is really sucks that everyone have to get their passport done.

I saw Richard and Mike last saturday, as richard is having his operation today. We are planning to have a get together after Mike and I get back from LA. Mike want to go out the next day, and I wasn't too sure because I am sure my mom would want to hear all about my trip down there. But I am sure I will be able to go out the next day with them. Even tho I am going be with Mike for 24/7 for 10 days. I joked with Mike other day, saying that he better not take longer than 15 minutes to get ready, because in gay community they normally take about 45 minutes to 2 hours getting ready. For sure I don't want to spend half of the day waiting for him to get ready so we can go out and explore California. I am sure he will be fine, since I will be kicking his ass along the way.

I am just can not wait any longer. I want to go NOW to LA. I better stop here, since I am sure I have already bored you out with my excitment of going to LA.
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updated [May. 26th, 2005|08:35 am]
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I know it has been awhile since my last update. I have been so busy lately and hardly have any time alone at home. I have been busy looking for jobs and mostly doing alot of errands. Over the weekend my aunt & uncle came to Calgary to buired the ashes of my aunt's mom. We had a funeral back in end of March. It was good to see them, and the new baby cousin. Yes she was born on May 1st at 5:09am. My aunt went into labour in the morning, by the time they got into town, and was already 8cm apart, only had an hour to push and welcome Raegan Pelisy Walter ( I am not sure how to spell her middle name, it is after aunt's mom's middle name or the name before she was married). Raegan is such a wonderful little one, I held her most of the day just to give them a rest because they are looking after 2 girls as well, also were going through their mom's things. Gordon, Aunt's dad didnt want anything around the house, and asked the kids to go through the things and take it with them. Mostly were some clothes, and took for Raegan. The girls had some jewerly, quilts, crafts, etc. They couldn't believe how much they had to bring back home to Regina. And were only there for 2 days. The arrived on Friday night at 9:45pm, and left Monday morning. Everybody else say Raegan looks like Morgan, the middle child who is just will turn 3 soon. I agured that Raegan looks like my aunt, and tiny bit of Morgan. I will post picture up and you guys decide!

Yesterday I went and saw Star Wars, I could not believe how good it is. and I would have to watch Espoide 1 & 2 today. I was going go to watch that on Tuesday but end up going see Matt. We watched National Treasure, it was a good movie, and made dinner. His parents are gone for 2 weeks, they left last sunday and will be coming home tomorrow from LA. They went to Disneyland, etc. I would have to ask him, after they get back if there is anything else interesting to see while in LA. MM and I are very excited and hardly wait till we go. My mom told everybody in the family that I am going to LA, and of course they thought my mom was going to come too. But not this time. I am going to see if I can find a small cute baby clothes for Raegan to say I went to Disneyland or just simple Disneyland 50th anniversary. I found out that MM and I are not going to Sea World, but instead we are going to San Deigo Zoo, while rest of his family going to Sea World. At least I am going to the zoo which I haven't been to yet. I am looking forward to see the panda. Maybe Wild Animal Park too. I would have to ask MM about it. Which I will be seeing him next week. I am trying to stay home today just to relax a bit.


                                               Raegan 3 weeks oldCollapse )

Only 19 more days till Disneyland, seems like it is a long time, but its appoach closer. It would be a nice vacation once I get down there. I have bought myself new summer clothes since I have lost 15 pounds and still am losing weight. Can not wait to wear them in 19 days.

Hurry up, I want to go now.

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